Class of 1963


I received a note from Joe Ward (Class of 1963) asking that I share more pictures from the Annual Alumni Dinner held on Friday, November 22, 2013. At the dinner, members of the Class of 1963 received a commorative plaque in recognition of their 50th Anniverary Reunion. Approximately 15 members of the Class of 1963 were present.  


Congratulatoins to the Class of 1963 on their 50th Reunion and thank you for your contribution in setting the foundation at Essex Catholic and allowing all of us to follow in your proud footsteps................

300 Broadway, Newark NJ
135 Glenwood Ave, East Orange, NJ

Where Are They Now?


As we all remember, the friendships we built at Essex Catholic provided a sense of brotherhood for many of us. Outside of school, we all had our childhood friends; but, these Essex friendship will never be forgotten. For all of us, life took us in different directions and sometimes away from our original paths (even away from New Jersey). In this new section: Where Are They Now? we hope to provide a glimpse of where many of our brothers went and what they are doing with their lives after Essex Catholic.


Hope you enjoy the new section and pleae let us know if there are any of our Brothers who you wish to recognize. Please do not hesitate to write a note in the Contact Us section of this website.

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