Essex Catholic Crest

The crest of Essex Catholic High School is rich in meaning and idealism.

The Strip dargent, on field azure, indicating the school colors (blue and silver), favorites of our lady, and the fleur-de-lis on the center strip, symbolic of the lily of purity, are from the crest of the Archbishop.

The crown andsword at the upper left of the crest represent the patroness of school, Our lady of Sorrows, whose own soul and sword hath pierced.


The intertwined XPM at the upper right repeats the goal of devotion to the Virgin Lady set forth in the school’s motto “Ad Jesum per Mariam,” (to Jesus through Mary)

The two stars symbolize the new Testament promise, “Those who instruct others unto Justice shall shine as stars for all eternity,” which promise is the hope of the Brothers who taught in Essex Catholic High School and the hope of the boys who will instruct others by the example of their Christian lives.

The Celtic Cross, the beacon of faith and harmony of lives well spent for Christ makes notes of the origin of the order, famed “isle of saints and scholars.”

The date of the school’s foundation is at the center bottom, 1957.

Encompassing these is the overall shape of a shield, the buckler of faith and the Christian’s defense against the arrows of temptation, and a sure protection against the wiles of Satan in the strife of life’s daily battle for salvation

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Where Are They Now?


As we all remember, the friendships we built at Essex Catholic provided a sense of brotherhood for many of us. Outside of school, we all had our childhood friends; but, these Essex friendship will never be forgotten. For all of us, life took us in different directions and sometimes away from our original paths (even away from New Jersey). In this new section: Where Are They Now? we hope to provide a glimpse of where many of our brothers went and what they are doing with their lives after Essex Catholic.


Hope you enjoy the new section and pleae let us know if there are any of our Brothers who you wish to recognize. Please do not hesitate to write a note in the Contact Us section of this website.

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