Essex Catholic High School Scholarship Fund

The ECHS Scholarship Fund was created to provide financial support to those young students who wish to continue their education at a catholic high school and who have a father and/or grandfather who attended Essex Catholic High School.


Why donate to a Scholarship Fund for a school that has been closed for 10 years?

The Bishop Francis Essex Catholic High School Alumni Association supported and subsidized the school's expenses during our school's glorious existence. After the school closed, we worked hard to celebrate our great past and to keep those memories alive. By giving to the Scholarship Fund, we support the ever-changing need of today's student to get a quality catholic education.


Is a donation tax-deductible?

The Bishop Francis Essex Catholic High School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations which support catholic education are tax deductible. Ever dollar we collect goes to establishing funds in support of the children of our Alumni in their quest to receive a quality catholic education.


Where can I sent my donation?

All donations can be sent to:

The Bishop Francis Essex Catholic Foundation 

Attn: Scholarship Fund

271 Route 46 West, Suite B101

Fairfield, NJ 07004-2458


Can I make a donation via phone call?

At this time, we cannot process phone or credit card donations; however, we will offer the opportunities in the near future.


Is there other ways of giving?

Yes, many alumni donate their time in support of Christ the King High School, currently located in Newark, NJ at the old Our lady of Good Counsel High School.

Many alumni donate their services to other alumni in need. We are in the process of building a network of services to help those alumni in time of need. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact us via the Contact Us section of this website.


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Three annual scholarships will be awarded in JUNE 2013 as follows:


The Foundation will award two $1000- and one $500- competitive scholarships to children, grandchildren or other descendants of Essex Catholic HS or Bishop Francis Essex Catholic HS alumni who are accepted and will be entering grades 9 through 12 in any Roman Catholic HS in September 2013.


  • All students who received an ECHS Foundation scholarship for the academic
    year 2012-13 or prior years will receive a notification to reapply for a
    scholarship. (see item 9, below).
  • Applicants must provide proof of acceptance to a Catholic high school. Attach an original or copy of the letter of acceptance from the entering high
    school principal or counselor.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation with the application:
    • One letterwritten by any of the following: the applicant's current school principal, a current teacher or a school counselor.
    • The second letter written by anyone who has knowledge of the applicant from non- school related activities such as, participation in church, scouting, sports, recreation, volunteering, etc.
  • The applicant must complete part one of the application and the parent(s)
    can assist as necessary.
  • The parent(s) must complete part two of the application.
  •  The completed, application and letters of recommendation must arrive no later thanApril 26, 2013, 4:00 PM.
  • The letter writer may mail the letters of recommendation directly to the ECHS
    Foundation or the applicant may attach the letter to his/her application.
  • Mail applications and/or letters to:

Essex Catholic High School Foundation

271 Route 46 West –Suite B101

Fairfield, New Jersey 07004-2458

  •  A completed application is required for students who received scholarship in 2011 or 2012 and wish to compete for a scholarship in 2013.
  • The Scholarship Committee panel's will recommend the award a scholarship
    on several factor, including but not limited to the student's goals, school
    achievement/potential, non-school activities and, if necessary, financial need will be a factor.


IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: please call the ECHS Foundation Scholarship at (973) 882-8275.

Scholarship Application 2013 (incoming Freshman)
If you wish to complete the application off-line, please complete and mail to the Essex Catholic High School Foundation
Microsoft Word document [97.0 KB]
Scholarship Application 2013 (upperclassmen)
If you wish to complete the application off-line, please complete and mail to the Essex Catholic Foundation.
Microsoft Word document [152.0 KB]

Contact person

Henry Prata



Essex Catholic HS Foundation Privacy Policy 2013
Please read our pricacy policy and information retention for all applicants.
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300 Broadway, Newark NJ
135 Glenwood Ave, East Orange, NJ

Where Are They Now?


As we all remember, the friendships we built at Essex Catholic provided a sense of brotherhood for many of us. Outside of school, we all had our childhood friends; but, these Essex friendship will never be forgotten. For all of us, life took us in different directions and sometimes away from our original paths (even away from New Jersey). In this new section: Where Are They Now? we hope to provide a glimpse of where many of our brothers went and what they are doing with their lives after Essex Catholic.


Hope you enjoy the new section and pleae let us know if there are any of our Brothers who you wish to recognize. Please do not hesitate to write a note in the Contact Us section of this website.

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